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A-Strategic Limited


A-Strategic Limited is an independent fully incorporated professional entity specializing in the provision of research and contemporary cutting-edge consultancy for academia, business and government. We combine our established methodologies with a forward-thinking approach to produce solutions that help clients navigate the complex challenges and risks associated with their businesses or academic research. We provide an all-inclusive approach to developing tailor-made solutions while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality and expertise in our client relationships. We rely on proven research techniques, industry best practices and advanced technologies to help our clients develop and implement their strategic objectives and goals.


We provide a variety of academic support services that include tutoring, editing, research, data analysis and academic guidance to those pursuing an advanced degree or career advancement. Our offerings encompass pre-professional, professional, and technical educational services to both graduates and undergraduates. We offer hands-on support for students and research support for government, non-profit and community-based organizations.


A consultation with us can save you significant time and will ensure you are on track to producing a great piece of research. Whether you are a novice or an experienced researcher, we have a range of support options which can be arranged. Our academic consulting is truly client-focused and based on each researcher’s goals for his or her study. This personalized approach to dissertation assistance guarantees that you will have one individual working with you throughout the process. Our specialties include such research software skills as NVivo, SPSS, Zotero, EndNote, Stata, Evernote, XMind, Word and Excel. We enjoy teaching clients how to work smarter, not harder, with these applications so they can spend more time focusing on their actual research.


We aspire to be the leading practical and solution based research and consultancy firm in Ghana and on the continent providing both local and multinational clients with an understanding of the trends in academia, market, social and developmental fields.


To provide practical, accurate and reliable high quality data and development solutions for sustainable academic, economic and social growth in Ghana and beyond


Innovation, Excellence and Integrity


We adhere to all international market and social research standards and codes of ethics.

In addition, we have an in-house quality assurance protocol that is strictly adhered to in all projects.

We ensure 100% supervision during data collection in all of our projects including totally involving our experienced Field managers from training to the completion of field work in all projects.