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Statistical Tools for Quantitative Research, a webinar organized by A-STRATEGIC Limited on July 31, 2020, between 19:00 GMT and 20:30 GMT, attracted over a hundred participants from the US, Ghana and Nigeria. The virtual event was moderated by Mr. Asare Okae-Anti, a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Education, Winneba- Ghana. The presenter was Professor Kafui Etsey, an expert in educational assessment, measurement and evaluation and veteran lecturer at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Interjecting humour and wit, the professor of fifty years’ experience in research took participants through such important quantitative research aspects as statistical techniques, scales of measurement, frequency distribution of data variables, types of statistics, measures of central tendency, checking normality, correlation and regression. The event was interesting, informative and largely successful with participants asking questions and making various contributions during and after the presentation.