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On Friday, September 25, 2020, between 19:00 GMT and 20:30 GMT, A-STRATEGIC LIMITED organized its fifth webinar, STATISTICAL TOOLS FOR QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH—PART 3. This said lecture attracted participants from near and far countries like Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria and India.

Before beginning with the lecture, the presenter, Professor Kafui Etsey, welcomed participants, spoke on the importance of webinars, appreciated feedback from previous lectures and encouraged more feedback from the final webinar. He thanked participants for their participation in the day’s lecture. He then reviewed the statistical tools he discussed in his previous presentations to refresh participants’ minds.

This research webinar  focused on helping to describe the most commonly used tools in quantitative research, give examples of output and interpretations, and also challenge participants to do more study on the tools and seek help where necessary. Some topics touched on were, Parametric vs Non-parametric tests, Hypothesis and significance testing, Effective size and practical significance, T tests and Analysis of variance. At the end of the presentation, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions that increased their understanding of the information.

The event was interactive, informative and successful. A-STRATEGIC would like to thank all the participants for making the time to join us and for their immensely valuable contributions and support which helped make the webinar a great success.