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On August 28, 2020, between 19:00 GMT and 20:30 GMT, A-STRATEGIC Limited held its fourth webinar, Statistical Tools for Quantitative Research—Part 2. The presentation, a sequel to the third webinar, drew participants from across the world including Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Germany, Belgium and the United States.

Before zooming into the day’s lecture, the presenter, Professor Kafui Etsey, reviewed the statistical tools he discussed in his previous presentation. The webinar saw participants ask very interesting questions and give insightful contributions to the discussion, making the session even more interactive and livelier than the previous sessions.

A-STRATEGIC would like to extend its sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the participants for making the time to join us and for their immensely valuable contributions which helped make the webinar a great success. Special thanks also to Messrs Asare Okae-Anti, Nat Aggrey, Godwin Krampah, Nelson Adzokatse, Frank Kumi and Ms. Nutifafa Kissiedu for their dedication and commitment towards the success of our programmes.