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Ghanaian startup,Dext Technology, is changing the Math and Science Education landscape in Africa with her revolutionary Science Set. So far, their Science Set is making impact in Ghana, Congo, Gambia and a few other African countries as well as the United Kingdom.In Ghana, the Science Set has already made its way into the new curriculum and is therefore set to become an integral part of the country’s basic school Math and Science Education.

Great potential for Science Education

Mr. Charles OforiAntipem, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dext Technology believes there is a great potential for Science Education in Ghana and Africa. He however stresses that conscious efforts are needed to realize such potential. It is his wishthat educationists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and various stakeholders in education will find common ground to push Math and Science education to the fore.

The CEO disclosed in an interview with Bernard Buachi that over 30,000 pupils from over 100 schools in Ghana have access to the Science Sets. He says as a result of the new product, a staggering impact on Science Education in Ghana is being measured.

“The Science Set is mainly physics-biased but helps in the understanding of other disciplines. It also boosts the confidence of teachers who teach math and science courses. Test scores in Science have increased by up to 57% and interest in Science has risen from 27% to 74% since the introduction of the Science Sets to the schools studied”

Mr. Antipem revealed that innovation has also gone up amongst pupils in Primary, Junior and Senior High schools where the use of the Science Sets are applicable. He showed an alarm system created by a primary school pupil after having had access to the Science Set. Dext Technology currently produces about five thousand Science Sets every month and is working towards an ambitious production capacity to enable it impact more youngsters in the shortest possible time.

Science Set

The Science Set is a small pack containing various components such as resistors, capacitors, conductors and bulbs amongst others. This pack enables teachers to easily demonstrate different scientific concepts to pupils and students.

The CEO of Dext Technology stated that the sets have been upgraded to include a pump, windmill, solar panel, integration for vertical farms and robotics components.He explained that the new Science Sets are more project-based compared to the previous ones that were theory based.

Model School

Mr. Antipemrevealed that the company is in the process of searching for a school to set up as a model school. The school will be equipped with science sets and modern technology as well as an enhanced curriculum. It will also benefit from regular training of its science and math teachers.

MTN Heroes of Change

Dext Technology has won some rather important awards since the company’s commencement in May, 2007. One of the most prominent awards is the MTN Heroes of Change. Mr. Charles Antipem who was full of praise for MTN said the award has given them more exposure, credibility and a boost in their finances.


Every aspect of the production is done in the premises of Dext Technology at Ayeduase in Kumasi. A tour of the company and an understanding of its operations laid bare the capital intensive nature of the business. Workers were seen engaged in various repetitive tasks including packing components and carefully assembling and soldering parts.Tailors were also busy sewing cases for the Science Sets. In all, the company has some 20 employees. Another room had 3D printers and many sophisticated gadgets used in the design of parts for the Science sets. Management of the company explained that the space, components, machines and operational costs are huge and called for financial support.Aside finances, the young CEO said they were racing against time to produce and supply as many sets as possible to children all over the world.He also called for more institutional support as they strive to place one million Science Sets in the hands of one million pupils and students in the next five years.

About the CEO

Mr. Charles OforiAntipem is a young entrepreneur who believes that Science and Technology is Africa’s future. From very humble beginnings, he had his university education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He then startedDext Technology with friends including Michael Afrifa, Caleb Fugah and others.

Source: Bernard Buachi

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