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A-Strategic is an independent fully incorporated (Limited company) professional practice specializing in the provision of research and contemporary cutting edge consultancy for academia, business and government. We combine our established methodologies with a forward-thinking approach to produce solutions that help clients navigate the complex challenges and risks associated with their businesses or academic research. We provide inclusive approach to developing tailor-made solutions while maintaining professionalism, confidentiality and expertise in our client relationships. We rely on proven research techniques, industry best practices and advanced technologies to help our clients develop and implement their strategic objectives and goals.

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Our Research Services

We offer a comprehensive range of academic, market and consumer research services. Our offering  covers different subjects of study – customer-focused research, measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty levels (among other things) as well as customer opinions on service quality

Executive & Professional Training

Nurturing effective leadership throughout your organization improves communication, clarifies strategy and enables you to meet your business goals. To help you achieve these aims, we offer a complete range of training courses to develop inspirational leadership throughout your organization.

Our Consulting Services

A consultation with us can save you significant time and will ensure you are on track to producing a great piece of research. Whether you are a novice or an experienced researcher, we have a range of support options, which can be arranged.


Whether you are a PhD student or a senior researcher, time is a precious commodity. Getting a paper published takes months and sometimes even years. With our publication support services, you can consult experts for guidance at all stages of the publication process. Our expert panelists will review your paper and provide constructive comments so that you can improve your manuscript before submission to the journal of your choice.

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